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  • 100percent - new agency alliance for more efficiency and effects

100percent - new agency alliance for more efficiency and effects


The METZLER VATER GROUP is now forming a strategic alliance 100percent with six other agencies. The aim of the cooperation is to network the specialist competencies from various disciplines even more intensively than before in order to make communication in an increasingly complex reality more efficient again - and thus to ensure more effect and efficiency in marketing.

The new alliance reacts to a communicative development that the founders have been observing in the market for some time: User journeys are becoming more individual, fragmented and technical - and so are the campaigns. The consequence of this is that the appearance of a brand via the various channels loses consistency and often no longer clearly hits the touchpoints of the recipients. The marketing budgets of companies are thus losing their efficiency. The Alliance wants to counteract this by bringing the relevant specialists together from the outset, but always with discipline in the strategic lead.

For the METZLER VATER GROUP, the alliance is an ideal complement to their own agency network: "We often work together with our own service areas in an interdisciplinary manner anyway, especially when complex tasks are involved," explains Robin A. Vater, Managing Partner at METZLER VATER GROUP and co-founder of the new alliance. "With 100percent, we have the opportunity to extend this cooperation to other marketing areas in the future, if the requirements of the issue so require. This is a great advantage for our clients, because we increase effectiveness and efficiency, but the projects and campaigns continue to carry the signature of the parent agency - across all channels".

The Alliance's disciplines are carefully selected and ideally complement each other: From the METZLER VATER GROUP METZLER VATER LIVE (Experiential) and BRANDROOM (Architecture) combine their competences in the cooperation and cooperate with the agencies Oevermann (Internet Services), Die Mediafabrik (Media Consulting), A&B One (Public Relations), Westpress (Employer Branding), Orca Campaign (Campaigns) and where is the beef? (classical advertising) on a project-by-project basis.

All partners are independent, owner-managed agencies and employ a total of around 600 people. The first strategic and operational projects have already begun. The current budgets of the alliance partners include AOK, Bayer, the BMW Group, several federal ministries, Fraport, Leifheit, Microsoft and RAG.